After about a year of using OpenSUSE (currently 11.2) and KDE4, i decided to change my environment.

My first idea was that i had enough of KDE4, so i installed Gnome on OpenSUSE. However, Gnome on OpenSUSE… no, thats wrong. After really short time i burned Ubuntu 10.04 CD and put it on install. It wasn’t too hard to do it - all important data was on different partition, i just had to rememeber to remove all gnome config files, because i didn’t want to format my home partition (i left all my stuff as it was). Without removing these files Ubuntu after installation looks awful (it detects gnome files and does not override them). Summary: pros:  * my laptop’s VGA output works! (now i can connect my monitor… yeah)  * it’s really fast cons: - a lot of stuff to setup again….