Today i wanted to make few of my computers visible from outside. I decided to set up some simple from WAN to LAN port redirections. After 0,5h of trying, i realized that’s just not possible. Yes, it’s possible to make port forwarding (e.g. from WAN:80 to SomeLanHost:80 ), but i could not make port redirection (e.g. from WAN:666 to LAN:80).

Fortunately, there is great software called, which makes your $60 worth router to a $600 worth one. It adds a lot of great features, also the one i needed most - port redirection. Simply download the package (version for WEB interface was good for me) and update the router firmware - it goes through easy web interface, few clicks - and it’s done! Just remember to stay away from power connector during the proccess. After that, i got new handy web interface. Then i could simply redirect from different WAN ports to the same 80 port but on different hosts. There are more supported routers, full list is available here.