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Rust: first impressions

It’s been a while since my last DSP post, mainly due to my trip to Poland and unavoidable result of it - jetlag. Let’s get back to the business, though. In this post, I will share my first impressions on Rust, as well as some code in filesyncer project.

Let’s dig in!

Project details for filesyncer

I’ve became a huge fan of describing ideas using single sentence. If you can’t describe an idea this way, it may be that this idea needs more thought or it’s too complex and could be divided into smaller components (the latter is rare). Let me describe my project for this year’s edition of DSP contest using single sentence then:

Daj Się poznać - challenge accepted (again)

Some time ago (or one year ago to be more accurate) I decided to take up a challange of DSP contest. It wasn’t much of a success (to put it mildly). I’ve been very reluctant to try it again, but finally, few hours before the registration closed, I have signed up. I’m going to give some details here what was my thought process.